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How to sign up

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

To participate in this year's Conlang/Concultural Card Exchange, please register using the link at the left.  During registration you should have the opportunity to answer a number of questions establishing your preferences in how many cards to mail and where you're willing to mail them to.  You will also have the opportunity to change your answers after registration.  (While the preferences are technically part of your profile, for your privacy protection they will not display; you will only see them while editing your profile.)

For persons concerned about the cost of international mail, Carsten has looked up the cost of a postcard from Germany to the US and found it to be 1 Euro; a postcard or first-class letter from the US to Germany, according to, is 98 cents.  You can choose whether to participate internationally or just domestically  when filling out your preferences.  (If you want a more nuanced approach, e.g. multiple domestic exchanges and one international, please say so in the "additional comments" box.)

Another international card exchange I have been involved with sets a deadline of December 5th for sending the cards.  I will stop short of making that a hard and fast deadline, and instead say that international exchanges are encouraged to mail the cards by December 5th, and domestic ones by December 15th.

Your administrator,


Announcing the first Annual Conlang/Concultural Card Exchange

Monday, November 9th, 2009

In December, participants in the first annual Conlang/Concultural Card Exchange will send to their assigned partner or partners a card-sized, mailed, ordinary or concultural, written-in-a-conlang item such as:

  • a this-cultural greeting card in the conlang
  • a this-world postcard in the conlang
  • a postcard of a concultural location (in the conlang... take this as read for the remainder of the entries)
  • a greeting card for a concultural holiday
  • a concultural card-like, written artifact that may or may not be related to a holiday, which may or may not be occurring this December or associated with solstices or anything at all
  • something that the participant feels fits the spirit of the above, is written in their conlang, and can be mailed like an ordinary card

Translations or cultural background can be provided on the card or a separate enclosed sheet or online or not at all... but the primary writing on the card should be conlingual.

Once the card has been received, the sender or recipient may provide a photo or scan thereof for the administrator to post to a webpage gallery.

To sign up, please register using the link at the left!