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D’al Thyann: My Cutesy Cat Picture

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Cat + Cat Toy ©2012 Ariel Cinii

It's a Soudti Sodyera, one of the flying cats from back home. Remember the children's book idea I had back around Lunacon last year? Very little material has come in as far as artwork. Hopefully, this étude will get us back to it again. The cat's about the size of a lynx or bobcat and the imagery that drifts in shows me at least four colour combinations: all white (or Dessel {mountain peak}), brown & orange tabby stripes with white on the bottom (common, or Abpëd'a), black & white (Dijav Parzen, a rare breed, I believe), and all grey (Belii {smoky}). There are probably others.

The cat toy is in the shape of a traditional prey, the To'esh Avoni, or Fool's Arrow, a prolific white bird about the size of a Terran starling. Red markings on their rear-facing delta wings and tail always point back where they'd been. It was believed that the Soudti Sodyera were genetically engineered to handle a severe bird population problem somewhere during the First Era {Seasons 01-334 in the Era of Hezdin. See: Flying Stone by Ariel Cinii: "When We passed through the Shimmering Door connecting there and here," }. Some insist the species was bred on the Fejia homeworld and smuggled across. There is no evidence of the species existing before the Era of Hezdin.

This is an example of how my past-life recall works. It's sort of an internal Socratic dialogue with my mental database, each answer revealing more bits of trivia. The image for this sketch popped into my mind's eye right before Meditation last night. The news came on at 5 and by 6, Jerné the art persona was done.I wish I had all the tools available to me now back when I started doing this in 1987. In the best-case scenario I can generate a post like this and just save it into my writting files intact, saving a whole lot of transcription time. I still haven't gotten around to writing down things I'd recorded on my iPod® back in the fall. 

The Crow and the Jar

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
I don't know why I haven't translated this one yet. Anyway, I found it online tonight and translated it. Here's it in traditional and híies tsidai. (Found here.)

Srîtnia akathîania koewîci baxsu tjikab, a adle ba tjika diapoi baxahl tjura ân ba akathîa kilúb ba baméâ ân pútú pa ba tjikab, wî ba kaevo fovi tjura baxahl ân ba akathîa baméâig ân griaw, skra adle ba kéi. Skra jéd, ba akathîa baxkep ân maxsin, wî anauzab baxma. “Skra ba kaevo fovi baahl tjura, otema ân” kaxmî- “fian obaféd ba kaevo.”

Pelabin kéin ejj mé ejj pa ba tjikab kaxmia. Mér ma ka, ba kaevo baxahl ukrei skra ta pelan wî unî ba akthîa baxméâ ân griaw ba kaevob ân koe tu anetaact.

Híies tsidai:
Srítne akathíane koievísi bastsu tçikap, a adlie ba tçika depói basal tçoura han ba akathía kilup ba baméha han putu pa ba tçikap, ví ba kívó fóvi tçura basal han ba akathíya baméhaik an grev, skra adlie ba kéi. Skra jéd, ba akathía baskiep han maksin, ví anaoutsap basma. "skra ba kaievó fóvi baal tçura, ótiema han" kasmí- "fen óbaféd ba kívó."

Pielapi kéi iej mé iej pa ba tçikap kasme. Mér ma ka, ba kívó basal oukriei skra ta pielan ví ouní ba akthía basméha han grev ba kívóp han kóie tou anietaast.


Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Glyph of the word 'tawe'.


  • (v.) to open (something)

Ka tawe ei ie puka.
“I opened the door.”

Notes: This is one of those rare words that exists kind of in a vacuum. It means “to open”, but is only said of things like doors and windows. Its iku features the syllabic glyph ta inside of a house (where the door would be). It has a very limited, very specific use.

Funny quotes from #conlang

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
Here are funny and wacky quotes from #conlang, added as they appear (and dated for easy reference). This post will be updated every time a noteworthy one sticks its head up. These are in reverse chronological order (newest at the top, oldest at the bottom).

Have a quote you'd like me to add to this list? Send me an email- wood (.) wlf @ gee mail @ kom

25 February 2012, EST

[21:31:49] Channel topic is: Conlangs and ponies, what else? Aethaeryn is working on a rainbow sparkle pony language (it's Solresol, but for ponies!).
[21:31:49] Topic was set by TooManyToasters! on Sat Feb 25 21:06:42 2012


09 February 2012, EST

[20:38:58] Tonitrus - You only acquired your uncles recently?
[20:39:02] tnelsond - Yeah.
[20:39:05] Tonitrus - Your grandmother must be very busy.


[15:07:29] bornfor - How is everyone today?
[15:07:53] furrykef - beep.
[15:07:59] bornfor - beep!
[15:08:21] bornfor - Does that mean to say that when I talk/say "how is everyone today", that it beeps you?
[15:08:43] furrykef - beep.
[15:09:29] Tonitrus - beep?
[15:10:19] furrykef - beep.
[15:10:37] Tonitrus - ... beep
[15:10:45] furrykef - beep :3
[15:14:55] bornfor - /bip/
[15:15:49] Klisz - [biːpʰ]
[15:16:34] Klisz - wait, no, [biːp], only onsets have aspiration
[15:17:01] Tonitrus - bεεp
[15:17:22] Staatsfeind - bornfor: boop!
[15:17:28] Klisz - bɛːp
[15:17:42] Tonitrus - bəp
[15:18:18] Klisz - bʍɛçɑŋɲʊʃθʋʊθʁɑŋðɔɯʎɛθθɛʁʃɥɛʁɛŋɔʍp
[15:20:09] Klisz> :É”


05 February 2012,EST

[00:22:56] bornfor - If people didn't interrupt me, there'd be no conversation.
[00:22:58] bornfor - Itd be like
[00:23:02] bornfor - a wall of senseless bornfor crap
[00:23:07] bornfor - :s
[00:23:45] tnelsond - So what, now we have two walls of senseless crap?
[00:24:15] bornfor - Yay
[00:24:20] bornfor - Interlocking walls of crap
[00:24:27] bornfor - Crapbasket?
[00:24:58] tnelsond - Except my crap is shiny and yours isn't.
[00:25:41] bornfor - I know.
[00:25:46] bornfor - :(
[00:25:59] bornfor - Mine's kind of spiky.
[00:26:08] bornfor - Oh well, it works.
[00:26:08] tnelsond wants to change the subject


[23:23:30] tnelsond - So burtonlang do you have any conlangs?
[23:23:41] burtonlang - I do!
[23:24:01] tnelsond - Well, do tell.
[23:24:49] bornfor - I have a conlang too! Imagine that.
[23:24:50] bornfor - :D
[23:25:00] tnelsond - We should form a club or something.
[23:25:18] Klisz_ - Or maybe an IRC channel about conlangs
[23:25:25] tnelsond - Do lets start our own channel called #peoplewhohaveconlangs
[23:25:29] bornfor - Hey, now there's an idea.
[23:25:36] CJMiller - Dpme
[23:25:36] bornfor - Nono, tnelsond, we need to simplify it.
[23:25:37] CJMiller - Done *
[23:25:40] Klisz_ - let's be straightforward and just call it #conlang :D
[23:25:44] bornfor - Why not.. #conlangers?
[23:25:45] tnelsond - Klisz_: good idea.
[23:25:51] tnelsond - See you there.
[23:25:51] bornfor - Klisz_: That's genius.
[23:25:57] CJMiller - bornfor, done
[23:25:59] bornfor - Yeah
[23:26:01] bornfor joins.
[23:26:04] Sent part request, waiting for reply...
[23:26:04] You have left channel #conlang: "Once you know what it is you want to be true, instinct is a very useful device for enabling you to know that it is"
[23:26:04] bornfor has joined #conlang
[23:26:04] Channel topic is: Welcome to #conlang‽ | Type -info to find out what we're up to |
[23:26:04] Topic was set by CJMiller!~CJMiller@wikipedia/CJMiller on Wed Feb 1 13:51:38 2012
[23:26:04] Channel synchronized in 0.0 seconds
23:26:05] tnelsond joins
[23:26:06] [*@*] has set channel mode +n
[23:26:06] Channel was created at Sun Nov 26 01:44:47 2006
[23:26:09] bornfor - Wow!
[23:26:09] Klisz_ has left #conlang: "☃"
[23:26:12] Klisz_ has joined #conlang
[23:26:14] tnelsond has left #conlang
[23:26:14] bornfor - This sure is swell.
[23:26:16] tnelsond has joined #conlang
[23:26:21] tnelsond - Hey guys.
[23:26:22] bornfor - What a good idea you had, Klisz_!
[23:26:26] Klisz_ - haha
[23:26:34] bornfor - lol
[23:26:34] tnelsond - Ditto what bornfor said.
[23:26:46] bornfor adds this to his list of ridiculous #conlang quotes.


Jan. 30 2012, EST

[23:15:39] tnelsond - Rocky and Bullwinkle is a good cartoon show.
[23:16:45] tnelsond - Well, then again, it is pretty awful.
[23:22:03] tnelsond - 5 minute episodes and such

[23:27:55] Aethaeryn - Infinite bottles of beer on the wall, infinite bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around, infinite bottles of beer on the wall.

Hounds of the Baskervilles, first two paragraphs.

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
Someone challenged me to translate the first chapter of "Hounds of the Baskervilles" into Sandic, and so I am. Here are the first two-ish paragraphs:

Pal plat ân dam kaxkep ba kâmâ <~Jiarlak lëoms>, faé ka ohî baxahl ân ahl grecoi ân dam mér helav, jjiave fî ân kaxneot katé skra dania. Felë exovo o ba kelo pal ba heon, wî exék ba jédab biab lëiamohn wwak kaxpútú poseka. Jéda maoacoi baxahl, pal sem ba baxahl kilúca, bian kémania otora béenúb . Pal adle ba tsuneda maoai baxahl, ici, wwhé xebta erini baxahl. “Faé ba <~Jjémz Mortimr>, M.R.C.S., uxorai frn ta tasnidan ka ba C.C.H.” o ba uxhaeci baxahl, wî pal onj jéd uxhaeci baxahl, <1884>. Ba jéda ân tréka baxahlco wwhé ba jédab biab kaxkre hélokém lëlai- hui, paelai, apecoi.

“A, Watson, nuv ba kiab lëéxsin?”

Ba Lëoms kaxkep ân gol ka faé tau me baxahl, wî felë neotab kaxmîi exahl nuv ma me.

“Wwhé baxahl ân lëésa frn ba da, biab ema? Bal méugan pal gol kilú lëé otiahb olënial?”

“Pal toa me kud faé kafe baahlra, ici, lëimirai, o ba plat.” kaxmî ka. “A baahl ra, lëé watsan, ân olëémî fian frn jéda ân tréka ba poseka aww. Nuv ba kiab lëéxsin? Skra awwxsore ân biab kian ora ejj wî awwneot sa frn tead kaahl wî teadian kaféd, orada neouxwîci erini baahl. Fian olëéjae frn kiajiavi kaahl ba kame, faé ba jéda lëlétka kaahl, frn kiab lëésa frn ka skra raug lëé ba jédaian.”

picture is iruva

Monday, January 30th, 2012
iruvairuva = picture (noun) (some things Google found for "iruva": an uncommon term; user names; apparently means something in a language from India when transliterated because it appears in song titles such as "Heega Iruva Hayaagi" and "Ee Lokavella Neena Iruva"; means God in Kimeru which is a language of Kenya; similar Iruvar (English: The Duo) is the title of a 1997 Tamil film)

Word derivation for "picture (image)" :
Basque = irudi, Finnish = kuva
Miresua = iruva

In Basque argazki means picture, but it also means photograph.

Conlangery #35: Practicum – Getting Rid of Case Marking

Monday, January 30th, 2012
What do you do when you want to make a language without case marking?  Or with very little case marking?  That is what we attempt to explore in this episode.  If you would like to take up George’s “homework” challenge, make up a sketch of a language and send an example of some sort of […]

Conlangery #35: Practicum – Getting Rid of Case Marking

Monday, January 30th, 2012
What do you do when you want to make a language without case marking?  Or with very little case marking?  That is what we attempt to explore in this episode.  If you would like to take up George’s “homework” challenge, make up a sketch of a language and send an example of some sort of […]

Come and Go, Give and Take

Monday, January 30th, 2012
adra noun, neutral

adri verb, neutral
to come, approach

agra noun, neutral

agri noun, neutral
to go, leave

fer noun, fairy

egfir verb, fairy
to give

edfir verb, fairy
to receive

vur noun, human
item for sale

ugfir verb, human
to sell

udfir verb, human
to buy

vor noun, demon
stolen thing

odvir verb, demon
to steal


Monday, January 30th, 2012

Glyph of the word 'ile'.


  • (v.) to hate, to despise, to revile
  • (n.) hate, hatred
  • (adj.) hateful

Ile ei iu Patilioto!
“I hate the Patriots!”

Notes: The old Super Bowl is one week from today, and I’m not looking forward to it. Four years ago, the upstart, massively-underdog Giants beat the up to then undefeated Patriots in one of the most memorable Super Bowls of all time—some even call it the best ever. It was one of the best moments in American sports history.

And now they’re playing again.

If the Patriots win, it’ll be pretty much the worst thing ever. Though you can’t actually take away a previous championship, a New England win would make it feel like the first one was somehow a fluke. If the Giants win, that’s fine, but the finish to Super Bowl XLII was so incredible that we don’t need another one. It’s too bad, all around.

The iku for ile is a turned version of the iku for eli, “love”. Call me sentimental.